April 3rd Edition  The Influencers: New Album Download

Known for their poppy beats, dreamy rock guitars, 
storybook lyrics, and flowing melodies, 
The Influencers have released a new album 
on March 18th titled Valhalla.

"In the past, we've been giving our music 
away for free however, this time, 
we're going to do something slightly 
different. The album will still be free to 
everyone but due to a large number of fans saying 
they would gladly donate to our cause, we will 
offer the "free, but pay what you want" 
option. That way, you can support us by simply 
downloading our music for free or by 
helping us pay for equipment, instruments, 
and the production for our next endeavor. 
Anyone who donates $5 or more will get an 
autographed postcard thank-you card too," 
explained frontman Evan Yan.

The Influencers are offering Valhalla as a 
free download. Anyone who is interested in 
hearing the album can visit their website
on or after March 18th.  

The band will be launching new, custom 
merchandise this spring, which will be based on 
concepts from thier latest record.

Evan Yan and Steven Suarez are joined 
by collaborators Jeremiah and Kayli Renee, 
who are featured on vocals, and Danny Casale, 
of YouTube's "DannysStudios", who collaborated 
on writing and playing guitar on two songs. 

Valhalla features ten new songs 
and two bonus tracks, which are 
re-recordings of previously released songs.

Of the forthcoming merchandise, Yan said, "Also, 
we will me launching some awesome custom merch 
shortly to coincide with the release and 
those who may want to donate: handmade tees, 
hand written lyrics to your favorite song, 
and other cool autographed goodies." 
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